Monday, February 21, 2011

Hannah is 9 months!

95% height
25% weight
75% head

What's she's been doing:
7 months -
Army crawling everywhere, & fast!
Sitting up
Eating baby food 2x/day
Holds her bottle by herself
Words added - "bye bye", "hi"
Baby food w/ meat
8 months -
2 bottom teeth
9 months -
Crawling on all 4s & from crawling to sitting by herself
Pulling up on things and standing with help
Moves around & sits up in crib when she wakes up
Loves the mirror

Baptized on Feb 13; also her Mam's birthday. Such a special day surrounded by friends and family.


Barker Crew said...

SO sweet!!! Love you guys and miss you so much.