Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hannah is 6 months

Here's what she's been up to:
Started belly laughing (4 1/2 mo.)
1st time in crib w/out the snuggler (5 mo.)
1st time in Jumperoo (5 mo.)
1st time to eat cereal (5 1/2 mo.)
1st time in booster to eat (6 mo.)

Not crawling yet and we are fine with that!! She is still mostly a happy baby, though will let you when she's when she can't see anyone to give her attention. Doing great with cereal - cried a lot during the 1st few feedings because she wasn't getting it fast enough. LOVES Avery, and Avery is finally getting used to having her around:) Avery still doesn't pay her much attention, but is actually most sweet to her when no one else is around. If I step out of the room, I'll come back to hear Avery having a nice little conversation with her....makes me laugh, and smile.

Likes to listen to Daddy play the guitar - just like Avery did.
(Pic - getting ready for bath)

"What do I do in here?"

If it was always this easy...